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30 Wertheim Court Building D, Unit 19 , Richmond Hill , Ontario , L4B 1B9 , Canada
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By Laurie

5 2 months ago

Connective gum graft surgery

I had my second gum grafting surgery done on October 23rd by Dr. Hoffman . Once again it was a very easy procedure . After receiving the local anaesthetic I didn’t feel a thing on the roof of my mouth or where the grafting was placed . I ended up taking 2 pain killers later that day and that was it ! I did have some bruising but because you have to wear masks everywhere it wasn’t a problem :) The way Dr. Hoffman takes the graft from the roof of your mouth is very simple, he stitches it up and it was healed in a couple of days. I will be having my next one done as soon as possible !!
By Ala

5 2 months ago

Excellent place to keep your teeth healthy

20 years ago I had a good fortune of being referred to Dr. Hoffman. He is extremely knowledgeable, highly experienced and dedicated to the patient’s needs. He always takes time to explain process of procedure. Always gives a follow up call after a surgery. Based on my personal experience I’ve received the best care for my dental needs. Office staff is supportive, caring and friendly. The office itself looks impeccably clean. During my recent visit I found all COVID 19 precautions were taken. In short: when you find the best, you keep it.
By Sean

5 3 months ago

The mouth of my dreams!

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Dr.Hoffman and his team over the past 2 years when I was referred to his practice for gum recession. Being in my 30’s and in a profession where first impressions matter, it was important for me to put my “best smile” forward. After 3 very successful grafting surgeries and excellent post op care I’m amazed by the results! Not only am I happy with the aesthetics, it also cleared up the sensitivity issues and eliminated the food traps at my gum line. I now have a healthy smile I’m proud of and I can’t thank Dr. Hoffman enough for his incredible precision and care from day one. Truly best in class!
By Jennifer

5 3 months ago

Thank you

Thank you, Dr. Hoffman and staff, for making my recent appointment so comfortable. I really appreciate all of the precautions your office has taken to make your patients feel safe. The online reminders, pre-visit forms and the check-in on the day of the appointment were hassle free. It is obvious you have all worked very hard to keep your patients and staff safe. Thank you for your efforts. Jennifer B.
By paul chester

5 4 months ago

Paul B.

Just had gum surgery 24 hrs ago at Dr. Lloyd Hoffman`s practice in Richmond Hill. I have to say that the freezing and the surgery was much less painful than taking out a sliver from my finger. I don`t want to say that it was a great experience, but he sure put me at ease. It did not feel like a surgery. It was finished in no time. I had two bottom and two upper teeth done at the same time. I have had gum surgery in the past using synthetics before which did not last. This time, material from my palette was used. I have had root canals, implants, and teeth fillings before and lots and lots of freezing but nothing as gentle as my last experience with Dr. Hoffman. I found him through review sites and that is why I fell compelled to write. If not for the reviews, I would not have known about him. I searched the Web for a periodontist that does gum surgeries which is not easy to find. From my house, Dr. Hoffman`s office is a 1.5 to 2.5 hours drive depending on traffic. It is worth it. Yes, his staff is courteous, professional and will go out of their way to make sure that the end goal is met. Parking is a plus.
By Cristina

5 6 months ago

Cristina Vicente

Dental visits aren't something I want to experience. Being rushed and not knowing what's going on leads to negative experiences, no thanks. Today I was pleasantly surprised by Dr. Lloyd Huffman. He explained what's going on with my teeth, bones and gums. I finally have an understanding of what's going on and what needs to be done. Dr. Lloyd Huffman is detail oriented, informative and professional. The staff is friendly and the office is very clean. I'm impressed by the way everyone goes above and beyond the Covid-19 procedures insuring safety and cleanliness. This is important to me. I left feeling feeling satisfied. I understand what's going on with my teeth, bones and gums and I understand what I need to do between visits. I'm looking forward to getting a healthy smile with Dr. Lloyd Huffman. I highly recommend him.
By Valery & Karen Joseph

5 6 months ago

Periodontal work - Dental implants

My name is Valery I was fortunate to have Dr. Hoffman do my 3 dental implants recently. Due to a crack in the root of one tooth, I had to extract it. Dr. Hoffman did the extraction and bone graph at the same time, which was virually painless. He is the very best of the 3 Periodintists I have had.. He as well as his staff are very gentle, patient caring and kind. They thoroughly explained every step of the procedure and made me very comfortable. I was impressed by the way Dr. Hoffman from beginning to end explained the options, fees, healing process and frequency of visits included in the fees. His fees were reasonable. Unlike my 2 previous periodontists, Dr. Hoffman made a template of my gum with the actual hole placements for the posts and teeth. He has all the professional equipment necessary, and there was no need to refer me to any outside lab for the special x-rays. Before hand, he demonstrated via a precise computerized model, how the implants would be fitted into my mouth. Amazingly, with my consent, Dr. Hoffman invited my sister to observe his work, from extraction to positioning of the posts at each of her visits with me. He explained every step along the way. She was so excited and impressed, that she had Dr. Hoffman do her own extraction and implant she need to have done . I had my one year follow up visit on July 14, 2020 and both myself and Dr. Hoffman are pleased with the x-ray taken. Dr. Hoffman is the very best. I will continue to refer him to everyone I know who needs periodontal work done. Thank you Dr. Hoffman and your wonderful staff. God bless you all. Good luck with your practice. Valery J. July 15, 2020
By Ozzie

5 6 months ago

Ozzie Altomare

It was truly a great experience having my Dental implant surgery with Dr Hoffman. He truly cares about his patients taking the time to explain what to expect and to make follow up calls personally to check on his patients. My family dentist calls Dr Hoffman a magician and I would strongly agree eith him.
By Rosey

5 6 months ago


This was a life-changing experience for me: I set my fears aside and believed the grafting would be a success. Dr. Hoffman's assurances and expertise contributed to a positive atmosphere and outcome.
By David

5 11 months ago

Dental Implant

My first time for a implant as we all no a Little fearful! Drv Hoffman Made this procedure a walk in the park! Write from the get go how he explained the whole process was very clear and knowledgeable! Dr Hoffman was a pure pleasure to be with great attitude & funny shure put me at ease!!! The staff were also friendly and amazing!!! Thanks so much I do love great service like this!!!