By Aldo

5 11 months ago

Great Implant Experience

Just had my final follow-up examination with Dr. Hoffman. This was my second implant to replace teeth cracked by night-grinding. Contrary to my original expectations, the whole process was nowhere near the medieval torture experience I was expecting. From the initial extraction, to the drilling of the newly grafted bone and the insertion of the hardware, I experience no pain other than a little initial soreness. The bone graft took spectacularly well, and there was no recession after the process was completed. Before the procedure Dr. Hoffman uses well designed computer graphics to explain the whole process, and keeps you updated all the way with clear explanations. As a special treat, he takes you down to his dental man-cave in the office basement to show you an amazing 3-d rendering of your jaw. Dr. Hoffman is a consummate professional, but also warm and friendly with a great sense of humour, which made visits actually enjoyable. He genuinely cares about the overall health and well being of his patients. The rest of his team are similarly both professional and personable. So don't worry about the implant experience if you need one. I highly recommend Dr. Hoffman. I want to thank him and his team for a great job and a great overall experience. -Aldo M. Richmond Hill