By Valery & Karen Joseph

5 7 months ago

Periodontal work - Dental implants

My name is Valery I was fortunate to have Dr. Hoffman do my 3 dental implants recently. Due to a crack in the root of one tooth, I had to extract it. Dr. Hoffman did the extraction and bone graph at the same time, which was virually painless. He is the very best of the 3 Periodintists I have had.. He as well as his staff are very gentle, patient caring and kind. They thoroughly explained every step of the procedure and made me very comfortable. I was impressed by the way Dr. Hoffman from beginning to end explained the options, fees, healing process and frequency of visits included in the fees. His fees were reasonable. Unlike my 2 previous periodontists, Dr. Hoffman made a template of my gum with the actual hole placements for the posts and teeth. He has all the professional equipment necessary, and there was no need to refer me to any outside lab for the special x-rays. Before hand, he demonstrated via a precise computerized model, how the implants would be fitted into my mouth. Amazingly, with my consent, Dr. Hoffman invited my sister to observe his work, from extraction to positioning of the posts at each of her visits with me. He explained every step along the way. She was so excited and impressed, that she had Dr. Hoffman do her own extraction and implant she need to have done . I had my one year follow up visit on July 14, 2020 and both myself and Dr. Hoffman are pleased with the x-ray taken. Dr. Hoffman is the very best. I will continue to refer him to everyone I know who needs periodontal work done. Thank you Dr. Hoffman and your wonderful staff. God bless you all. Good luck with your practice. Valery J. July 15, 2020