By Cristina

5 7 months ago

Cristina Vicente

Dental visits aren't something I want to experience. Being rushed and not knowing what's going on leads to negative experiences, no thanks. Today I was pleasantly surprised by Dr. Lloyd Huffman. He explained what's going on with my teeth, bones and gums. I finally have an understanding of what's going on and what needs to be done. Dr. Lloyd Huffman is detail oriented, informative and professional. The staff is friendly and the office is very clean. I'm impressed by the way everyone goes above and beyond the Covid-19 procedures insuring safety and cleanliness. This is important to me. I left feeling feeling satisfied. I understand what's going on with my teeth, bones and gums and I understand what I need to do between visits. I'm looking forward to getting a healthy smile with Dr. Lloyd Huffman. I highly recommend him.