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30 Wertheim Court Building D, Unit 19 , Richmond Hill , Ontario , L4B 1B9 , Canada
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By Karen

5 Nov 20, 2019

Amazing Periodontist

I had an incredible experience with Dr. Lloyd Hoffmann's Perio team. Every step of the procedure was thoroughly explained. The appointments were timely and my journey from extraction to implant was painless, and my implant feels comfortable and natural. The atmosphere and staff were welcoming and friendly. I have recommended Dr. Hoffman to my family and friends, should they require this form of dental service. Thank you Dr. Hoffman for taking care of my new bite. Karen J.
By Karim

5 Oct 23, 2019

Connective Tissue Grafting Surgery

In my opinion, Dr. Hoffman has the best bed side manner of any professional that I have met. The surgery to repair lowering gum lines is not pleasant. It means 3 weeks of great inconvenience and recovery, initially painful. What has make this experience very manageable is Dr. Hoffman's humour, care and skill. I was kept informed at every step before, during and after the surgery process. It's not too often that a doctor will call you in the evening to find out how you are doing. I received the same type of special treatment 4 years ago for the other side of my mouth. Thank you Dr. Hoffman for being a compassionate professional.
By Tracy

5 Oct 21, 2019

i would Highly Recommend Dr. Hoffman!!!

I would highly recommend Dr Hoffman as he did a great job for me - both gum surgery and an tooth implant. I was so worried about the procedures, as I had differing opinions given to me from another professionals. As soon as I met Dr. Hoffman, he explained his recommendation in detail and I was at ease immediately as I trusted him. Both surgeries went really well, with minimal discomfort - and Dr. Hoffman took great care with me after to make sure that that I was OK and healing well. I feel that Dr. Hoffman cares about his patients and wants to do the right thing for them. I have been telling my friends and family about Dr. Hoffman, as he was just excellent.
By Sean

5 Oct 4, 2019

Incredible doctor! Incredible results!

I’ve had issues with gum recession and have now had 3 VERY successful gum grafts over this past year with Dr.Hoffman. His team, fine tuned expertise and patient manner is truly best in class! Thanks for giving my gums and smile the makeover of 2019!
By Emesh

5 Sep 26, 2019

Best Care Ever

Dr. Hoffman is an incredible periodontist who is very knowledgeable and caring. He is definitely not in it for the money, but more from the perspective of helping people. I was always provided with all the various options and everything was explained to me in as much detail as I required to feel comfortable with the decisions I had to make and the processes involved. I highly recommend Dr. Hoffman and his staff for the amazing work and care they provide.
By Moyra

5 Sep 19, 2019

Moyra Randev

I have had two successful implants thanks to Dr. Hoffman and his team. The experience from beginning to end was professional, efficient and I always felt confident in the care I was receiving. I would not hesitate to recommend or use Dr. Hoffman should my friends, family or I need periodontal work of any nature.
By Mr. Hibbits

5 Sep 18, 2019

Well done

I had a cracked tooth. Dr Hoffman extracted the tooth, regrew the displaced bone and inserted a post for a crown. The bone grew perfectly and the post was installed at the precise angle needed for the crown. I recommend Dr Hoffman.
By Anthony H

5 Sep 4, 2019

Amazing Doctor

I've had my implant done at Dr. Lloyd Hoffman and it was a great experience. He is a true professional and everything was done perfectly! Dr. Hoffman took time to explain things to me clearly which I appreciated. Thank you Dr. Hoffman
By Mnemosyne

5 Aug 23, 2019

A warm friendly office

Walking into Dr. Hoffman's office you feel comforted and welcome. Dr Hoffman is extremely friendly and pleasant and I would recommend him to anyone. My husband had a great experience with his implant with Dr Hoffman and would return for more work without hesitation.